Tools, Tactics & Habits For Optimizing Spiritual Fitness.

Happy birthday to me.

Today, I turned 39.

And since it’s been an annual tradition of mine to gift to my audience a unique and special surprise on my birthday, I’m doing just that on this special day. But in this case, I kind of got a bit out of control and decided to take the entire book that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for the past year…

…and simply give it to you for free.

The title of this brand new book is Fit Soul: Tools, Tactics & Habits For Optimizing Spiritual Fitness. It’s a culmination of a vast multitude of valuable strategies and lessons I’ve learned over the past twenty years of my life—strategies specifically designed for increasing your happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in life.

Fit Soul is chock-full of practical takeaways that you can implement in your own life to:

  • Finally discover your true purpose and make a maximum impact in the world…
  • Learn how to become detached from silly attachments that are holding you back from finding true happiness…
  • Defy the hubbub and distraction of modern life to instead become a fully present, meaningful, and deep-thinking individual…
  • Make more friends and connect with old friends, while forming new and meaningful relationships within your community and beyond…
  • Ditch smartphone and technology addictions to become a human “being” rather than a human “doing”…
  • Become proficient in simple breathwork tactics that enhance sleep, energy, and beyond…
  • Fix your aches, ailments, unsolvable illnesses, and mystery pains from the inside-out…
  • Implement the exact spiritual disciplines I personally practice each day to become a spiritually stronger being…
  • And much more…

No, I’m not kidding. This book is—until I decide to publish it and sell it in bookstores—completely free for you to download right now. I have zero desire to make any money from Fit Soul. Instead (as a bit of a birthday gift to myself, I suppose), I simply want to make your life better with it.

So, it’s my joy, pleasure, and deep honor to be able to share Fit Soul with you, beginning today. Just click here to go grab your copy now, or keep reading to learn more.

Why Did I Write Fit Soul?

So why did I decide to write this book? Let’s start here…

…Do you sometimes feel that no matter how much wealth you accumulate, toys you own, friendships you make, or physical and mental mountains you conquer, you’re still at the end of the day unfulfilled—with a gnawing deep down inside that something is “still missing” or that you’re meant for something greater than what you’re doing right now?

You’re not alone. That loss of direction, purpose, and deep, fulfilling meaning is absent in the lives of some of the most successful or fit people you’ll ever meet.

I’ve experienced it myself. For much of my own life, I did not focus on building my spiritual muscles in the same way that I prioritized physical disciplines such as caring for my metabolic health, growing physical muscles, or tending to the neurons in my brain.

However, after years of pursuing body and brain optimization, I grew to realize that the relatively self-obsessed or carnal pursuits of a lower body fat percentage; finding the perfect diet; climbing your own personal Mount Everest of a triathlon, Spartan race, or CrossFit competition; learning a host of new languages and musical instruments; increasing the health of your blood and biomarkers; or “reversing the aging process” are all ultimately unfulfilling and can often leave one standing at the top of the mountain of physical and mental achievement—yet feeling disappointed and extremely empty inside despite having accomplished what might appear to the world to be lofty and admirable goals.

See, most of us inherently know that caring for our soul is important, but we somehow shove it to the side because, let’s face it: Life gets busy, and hitting the gym just seems more practical and immediately useful than sitting cross-legged on the floor meditating and praying, spending an extra five minutes in bed in the morning gratitude journaling, or prioritizing relationships during a long and joyful family dinner.

Fact is, I personally spent about 20 years of my life, up until I was in my mid-30s, barely tending to my spirit—until I realized that my own unhappiness and constant striving for the next big physical, mental, business, and personal achievement and obstacle to overcome was simply leaving my spirit even more shriveled, shrunken, unfit, and neglected and leaving me unfulfilled, unhappy, and unable to fully love others or to make a maximum, purpose-filled impact with my life.

Over the past several years, as I have repeatedly witnessed, in both myself and others, the ultimate unfulfilling nature of a sole focus upon carnal, fleshly pursuits (and as I’ve observed great thinkers and philosophers while continually seeking wisdom) I’ve become increasingly convinced that caring for one’s spirit is as important—no, actually far more important—than caring for one’s body and brain. But after your muscles have atrophied, your skin has sagged, your brain has degraded and accumulated with plaque, your blood vessels have become clogged, and your nerves have become weakened—long after your relentless pursuit of fitness or health or longevity has become a vain effort—your spirit can be just as strong and as bright as ever.

Perhaps nowhere is this “soul importance” more eloquently stated than in Matthew 16:26 in the Bible, which states: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?


How about you? Have you gained the world yet left your soul behind? Do you feel like that most important part of you – your soul – is shrunken, neglected, and unfit? Do you crave for more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your life?

Then this book was written exactly for you. Within the pages—written in a practical, easy-to-understand way with tips, tricks, strategies, and solutions that will be simple to implement within your own life—you’ll discover everything you need to know to care for your soul, attain true spiritual fitness, discover union with God, and find the happiness you have always craved for and deserve. Much of the writing includes edited and upgraded bits and pieces of my Sabbath Ramblings, along with new content and new chapters focused upon everything from how to find your life’s purpose to my own personal journaling habits to the most important pieces of “armor” I put on every day, and much more.

And yes, the entire book is now completely free when you click here. I hope you enjoy. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, simply leave them below. I read them all!

To your health (and happiness),

P.S. You’ll notice that when you click the link above that there is both a free, instantly downloadable version, and also a print version that you can order directly to your home. I must again emphasize to you in full disclosure that I am not making any money from either version of Fit Soul because I simply want to touch as many people as possible with this new book, but all I politely request is that you help pay any printing/shipping/handling costs (which are quite minimal) if you opt for the print version. I hope that makes sense!

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