Plant-based workouts in the Time of Corona, June 27th – Vegan Muscle and Fitness

Salutations! Maxine and I just read Charlotte’s Web, so I am absolutely using this opportunity to sneak in a ‘salutations’… Anyway! I’ve gotten less frequent with my quarantine home-workout posts because we’ve all begun to adjust to the new normal, and a lot of us have now figured out how we’re going to stay active while spending much more time at home. Which is great! If you’ve enjoyed this series of posts and want to see the content continue, please drop a comment and let us know because we’re happy to help. Back to today’s workout target: hands and wrists!

We’ve covered every major joint and muscle group in the body already, giving lots of simple stretches and exercises you can do at home with no equipment, but this is the first time I’m covering what you can do to keep your hands and wrists healthy. Hands and wrists don’t really need a case made for how important they are (just drop a tree on your dominant hand if you don’t believe me!), but unfortunately I see people suffer from hand and wrist pain that interferes with their daily life all the time. The good news is, with a little mobility work and strengthening almost all of these problems are completely avoidable or even reversible. So without further ado, here’s your hand homework!



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