Plant-based workouts in the Time of Corona, June 16th – Vegan Muscle and Fitness

What’s one of the top struggles I hear from my older clients in terms of their daily activity? Getting up off the floor! If you’re in the under 40 crowd (or younger still) this may never cross your mind as something you’ll have to worry about, but I’ve heard many times from many clients that they dread having to get up off of the floor. So I thought to myself: let’s practice! Today’s plant-based workout is just that; turning getting up off the floor into a conditioning and skill building exercise. I give the simple instruction of trying to get up as many different ways as you can think of, and this seemingly simple activity will now use the muscles of your upper body, lower body, and core, while wearing you out! I’m a young fit guy, and doing 10-15 of these gets me winded, so it’s nothing to sneeze at! Check out the video below, and give them a shot for yourself!



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