I ordered 15 pairs of white jeans and found the BEST white jeans

I tried on 15 different pairs of skinny white jeans before I found the keeper. 

I know that there aren’t really rules around fashion (or at least not in my book), but I tend to not wear my white jeans until April. Mostly because if I put them on and then the weather dips back down into the 30s, my warm-weather-loving heart can’t handle it. I busted out my white jeans out a couple weeks ago and last week, we had a morning that was 37 degrees. But I survived. 🙂 And, as you’ll see below, I have been known to wear my white jeans in the winter since they are really so cute with a sweater. I especially love white jeans with pastel sweaters!

And since you know I’m a stickler for getting ready every day, even when working from home, this is a great option to mix up your usual denim or WFH athleisure.

I’ve always thought that white jeans looked SO cute – on other people. Year after year, I would try on a pair in the spring and feel so frustrated since they looked AWFUL on me. I couldn’t figure it out! They made me look MUCH heavier than I actually am or showed every imperfection or just looked frumpy. They all looked terrible, even the ones from brands that I typically love. So I made it my mission a few years ago to find a pair of white jeans that I loved. Naturally, I ordered FIFTEEN pairs to try on and compare. (Only from places with good return policies of course!!!) And I finally found a WINNER!!!!

And the Best White Jeans Ever award goes to… MADEWELL!!!!

best white jeans

Madewell white jeans | similar off the shoulder top | blue flats |
leather bed framerug | similar duvet cover

These are all the brands of white jeans I ordered and tried on:

  1. Madewell
  2. Gap
  3. J.Crew (on sale right now!)
  4. Joe’s
  5. Hudson
  6. 7 for All Mankind
  7. Levi’s
  8. Boden
  9. Frame
  10. Articles of Society (currently sold out)
  11. DL 1961
  12. J. Brand
  13. Paige
  14. AG

I currently own or have owned all of these brands in the past so I knew I loved them, but it took trying a bunch of white jeans to find a pair that worked for me. I’m petite at 5’1″ and curvier than most petite frames since I have decent sized quads and glutes from running & lifting. So it was hard to find a pair that fit me well.

If you struggle to find cute white jeans, I highly recommend trying on a BUNCH -there was a clear winner in my book. (I ordered the majority from Nordstrom since they have an amazing return policy and we don’t have a Nordstrom in Winston. And some I bought directly from the site, including Gap, J.Crew and Boden.)

Why I love the Madewell Skinny white jeans

They’re the perfect shade of white, not too tight, not too loose, not too thin and not see through (which was shockingly common with many pairs, yikes). Since I prefer a high-rise, that’s the route I went, but they also have a mid-rise option. (They also come in a button-front style and frayed ankle style.) Madewell makes so many pairs of white jeans that aren’t skinny too.

I always recommend having your jeans tailored so that they fit your height perfectly. There’s nothing better than a pair of pants that fits you like a glove. Especially if you plan to wear them all season! If you are petite (5’4ish and below) I suggest the petite inseam, here. I like my skinny jeans to hit just above my ankle bone.

They certainly weren’t the most expensive jeans I ordered, so that was a major plus too. They’re also sold at Nordstrom, so if you are a card holder, this is a great situation.

best white jeanshow to style white bottomsMadewell white jeans | J.Crew chambray top | Blue flats

Here are some mirror selfie shots too!

how to style white bottoms

Similar Shirt 

how to style bottoms

How to style white jeans

I feel like white jeans are just as versatile as dark jeans. They’re cute with sweaters, blouses, patterned tanks, a chambray, or even paired with a white tank for an all-white look.  I don’t typically pair them with a fitted top and find I’m more drawn to flowy or loose blouses. But, experiment and see what you like best!

how to style bottoms

Jeans | Top (similar) | Shoes

How to style white jeans

Jeans | Top (similar) | Shoes (similar)

How to style white jeans

White Jeans | Sweater | Loafers

best white jeans

Jeans | White Tank | Heels

(Okay, now these photos are making me want to chop my hair back to my collarbones!!! It’s gotten so long since I took all these photos!)

best white jeans

Jeans | Top (similar)| Shoes

best white jeans

Jeans | Chambray Shirt | Shoes | Glasses

What’s your favorite brand of white jeans? And am I the only one who seriously struggled to find a good pair?!?


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