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Muscles & Management Podcast w/ Gerry DeFilippo

It’s funny: During Gerry’s introduction to this episode he mentioned how when he and I first started stalking one another connected on social media he was a little giddy that I reached out first to say how much I enjoyed his content.

It meant a lot to him as a young coach that someone with a bit more “career capital” in the same profession offered a few words of affirmation.

Gerry’s a talented coach and part of the “new guard” that I remember being part of back in the mid-2000’s (along with Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Cassandra Forsythe, and John Romaniello, to name a few). It’s pretty neat to be able to pay it forward and to observe how the industry is constantly coming full circle.

Did I just use the word “neat” in a sentence?

God, I’m getting old.


Nevertheless, you can check out the episode on Apple Podcasts HERE.

Spotify – HERE.

Or if you need more options you can go HERE.


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