2017 In Review

A very belated Merry Christmas from my little family to yours.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas on the east coast with friends, family, and lots of love. Annalynn was a bit overwhelmed with everything, but that’s to be expected with a two-year old. Overall she loved spending time with her cousins and eating endless amounts of chocolate covered pretzels (especially after she figured out how to open the fridge to help herself to a handful at a time). She’s just starting to grasp the concept of Christmas and the Christmas magic that comes with it.

The biggest score from our Christmas haul was hands down my brand new MacBook Pro (!!), which was a completely unexpected surprise from my amazing husband. Wow! My old MacBook Pro was from 2010 and definitely showing it’s age: it’s slow, heavy, and the keyboard doesn’t work. It’s been a dream working on my new laptop and I’m hoping this mean I’ll be more committed to blogging in the future!

Derek and I both took the past week after Christmas off so we could pack the house up and prepare for our big move in the new year. Right now our house is a complete disaster zone, but we know all the hard work is worth it and we’re really excited about what the future holds in our new home.

There’s been a lot of reflection this week, as we look back at the past year and a new one approaches. I would love to say that 2017 was a huge year full of big adventures and changes, but that wasn’t the case. I would say the opposite was true. 2017 was the year of slowing down, focusing on what’s important, and instilling a little more privacy in my life. It was a year full of quiet weekends, lots of love, and less stress – just the way I wanted it.

The older we get, the shorter the years seem. I mean, seriously, where does the time go? Can you believe I’ve been writing this blog for over 9 years now? It feels like yesterday I started, yet so much has changed since then. I live in Tampa now. I’m about to celebrate my 5th(!) wedding anniversary, I have a two-year old (!), we’re about to move into our second house, Maddie is considered a senior dog at the vet, and my racing resume goes beyond my wildest imagination. I mean… Craziness.

Life moves FAST and it’s been an awesome decade that’s been go-go-go. What can I say? I hate sitting still. But I needed a break. A deserved one. So 2017 was my year of stepping back and enjoying life.

I kicked 2017 off with a marathon, then promptly swore to myself I didn’t want to do that again (at least not any time soon). I scaled back to working out 4-days a week, for 30 minutes at time, and not only found that doable, but fell in love with the change in routine. I was still moving and doing what I loved, but there was less pressure. When I ran, I didn’t look at pace and I incorporated bootcamp style workouts that required less time and still left me feeling strong.

I started a new job at the end of 2016 that really helped with my end-goal of less travel in 2017. While I LOVE to travel, traveling for work and missing my baby, frankly, sucked. Not only did my new job afford me less travel in 2017, but it also gave me a flexible schedule. Getting to leave the office a little earlier meant I was no longer stressing to make it to daycare pick-up on time. It also gave me a full extra hour in the evening to spend with my daughter. There’s no words for what that time means to me.

Derek and I made a commitment to spend more time together one-on-one in 2017. This meant putting our computers and phones away in the evening and having real conversations with each other. We took a much-needed vacation together that was just the two of us, and entrusted Annalynn with her first non-family member babysitter for a long overdue date night. Marriage is hard, especially when parenting a two-year old, so committing that time for each other has been huge for our relationship this past year and I’m even more thankful to have him by my side.

Finally, 2017 has been the year of hunting for a new house. We’ve known for a while that our current house is not our forever home. We started looking semi-seriously for a new house this past summer and spent a lot of weekends touring new-build communities, almost committing to a new build, and then ultimately landing on a semi-new house that was already built and ready for move-in. The last 60-days have been a complete craze of going through the process of buying our new home, selling our current house (which, by the way, went on the market the Monday before Thanksgiving – thank goodness for our amazing realtor and a crazy hot market!), and finalizing the (slight) upgrades we’re doing in the new place (three cheers for new floors!!).

I know I mentioned it above, but I really can not wait to start off the new year in our new home. We close the second week of January and I’m excited to get in there and really make that place our home. I’m also looking forward to the bigger kitchen, master bath, and extra storage!

2018 is on the horizon, and I’m not sure yet what it holds for our future. I’m sure the majority of the first part will focus on the new house and then… who knows. My plan is to go with the flow and see where it takes us. For now my focus is on my family and living life our life to the fullest together.

Happy New Year!

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